Mountain Lion, Bobcat, and Bear Hunting Challenged in AZ

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The Humane Society, Center for Biological Diversity, and the Mountain Lion Foundation have a new target for the New Year: the complete elimination of the hunting of mountain lions, bears, and bobcats in Arizona. This plan coincides with the release of the proposed 5-year hunting management guidelines by the Arizona Fish and Game Department. 

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Arizona Fish and Game Department opened comments for their proposed 5-year hunting management guidelines for Fall 2023 through Spring 2028. The department opened a comment period on Jan 1st to run through Jan 30th.  

Last night, the Center for Biological Diversity, The Humane Society of the United States, and other animal rights groups held a virtual meeting to, “explain the proposed changes and what you can do to advocate for wildlife throughout the rulemaking process.” They are encouraging members to submit comments based on their strategic goals of eliminating the hunting seasons of mountain lions, bears, and bobcats claiming, “Arizona’s new hunting rules will wield great power to help or harm native wildlife, including charismatic carnivores, and their ecosystems.” 

To counteract this negative action, The Sportsmen’s Alliance published the following statement, “Sportsmen, especially Arizona residents and anyone who has or plans to hunt the state, must step up and submit comments that counter this flood of animal-rights’ comments. If not, hunting will be lost. This isn’t hyperbole. Washington state canceled its highly regulated, permit-only spring black bear hunt when game commissioners openly stated that public sentiment outweighed accepted science.” 

We encourage you to read the guidelines here: The department will accept public comments on those hunt guidelines for 30 days, which began Jan. 1. Comments can be submitted by email to

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