Podcast: Episode 421, Wild Edibles with the Wild Food Girl

Justin and Collin chat with Erica Davis, aka The Wild Food Girl about all things wild edibles. They chat about wild fruit candies, pine sap gum, dandelion root coffee, dandelion jam, pinon nut milk, seasonal foraging, Christmas ketchup, recommended references, chewing gum history, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Erica Davis: has a wealth of knowledge about harvesting food from the wild. She has spent more than a decade studying plants in and foraging the Rocky Mountain region. She founded the blog Wild Food Girl in 2010 and from 2013 to 2015 published a digital magazine called Wild Edible Notebook. She has a background in education and teaches courses on edible, medicinal and toolcraft plant identification. 

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Show Notes:

Calendar of Supper Club classes

Harvesting Nature Magazine

Spice Blends

Taste testing wild edibles 

Oregon Grape

What’s in Erica’s refrigerator now

Rocky Mountain Bee plant pickles 

Dandelion jam and prickly pear jam

berries found in the Rockies vs berries found in other areas

Christmas Ketchup

The different biomes for wild edibles in the Rockies

Different plants at different times of the year

Spring: roots and greens

Summer: shoots vegetables, stalks, wild mint

Period of rapid growth is key

Follow the growth as the elevation changes

Pinon nut milk

Winter foraging 


Ethnobotany: http://naeb.brit.org/  

Erica’s recipes

Wild jelly candies

Wild chewing gum

Article about DNA from Birch Pitch

Why did we start chewing gum

Dandelion coffee

Sam Thayer books

Cattail Bob Seebeck 

Tom Elpel: Foraging the Mountain West 

Brianna Wild Mountain States Foraging 

Erica’s class schedule

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