Podcast: Episode 420, Fishing the Wild Waters

Justin and Kory chat with Conor Sullivan, hunter, angler, lure-crafter, and author of Fishing the Wild Waters. They discuss Conor’s new book, cod fishing, hunting axis deer, making lures, fighting tuna, guava wood chips, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Conor Sullivan: a lifelong outdoorsman, writer, artist, and lure craftsman.  He is an officer in the US Coast Guard, serving in numerous leadership positions, including as the Commanding Officer of the North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center in Kodiak, Alaska, and as the Captain of a Coast Guard Cutter in the North Atlantic, specializing in fisheries conservation, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement.  He has a new book Fishing the Wild Waters: An Angler’s Search for Peace and Adventure in the Wilderness.

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Show Notes:

Updates from Justin and Kory

Reviews for hats

Black powder shortage

Podcast: Episode 304, Mountain Men of Pennsylvania

Introducing Conor

Conor’s background

Lure craftsman

Catching fish with lures/flies that you’ve made

What’s in Conor’s freezer

Smoking deer with guava chips while in Alaska

Conor’s inspiration for Fishing the Wild Waters

The need for fishing adventure stories

Fishing with orcas

The places and experiences that fishing provides

A fight with a tuna in New England

The inside of your hand is hollow

Vasovagal syncope

Where’s the clean rag?

Cod fishing in New England

“Cod” by Mark Kurlansky

Catching cod with family 

Fishing in Kodiak with bears

The world’s healthiest protein is the stuff your catching or hunting

Axis deer in Hawaii

5 hour fight with a marlin  

Poke bowl with yellow fin tuna

Where to find the book

Follow him on social media

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