Podcast: Episode 419, How to Make Wild Game Soap

Justin and the crew chat with Kassi Smith about making your own soap from wild game fat. They discuss step by step harvesting fat, storing fat, the soap making process, aging whole deer, processing your own chickens, rooster testicles, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Kassi Smith:

Kassi was introduced to fishing and shooting as a child in Washington and started hunting years later while in graduate school in Idaho. She now lives in Colorado and enjoys all of what the west has to offer.

Visit Kassi IG: @thefrontfortyfarm

Show Notes:

Justin whitetail hunting with the family 

Reviewer gets a hat!

Updates from Collin – he got an Elk!

Stay tuned for his Adventures for Food episode about the hunt

Introducing Kassi

Bouncing around the west 

CO chapter of BHA board member

Women in the Woods

Kassi’s season so far

More waterfowl hunting opportunities 

Waterfowl frustrations

Out of state opportunities

What’s in Kassi’s freezer?

Where to find the good stuff

Dry aged whole deer 

Weird bits of chicken

Rooster testicles, feet, and head

Pigs and deer processing is very different 

Roasted pig head

Roasted moose head

What you can eat on a head

Jesse Griffith’s “The Hog Book”

Head cheese

How Kassi got into wild game soap making 

Animal fat and potash

Soap is simple: lye and fat


Fight Club!

Treat it like chopping onions

Making soap from elk fat

How much fat is needed?

Getting the fat from the rump

Storing and cleaning the fat

Everglade soap

Rendering the fat

Adding other oils

How long does the soap last?

Adding scents

Fat for candles 


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