Podcast: Episode 418, Young vs Old Hunting and Eating

Justin and Emily chat with Lance Lewis of Tagged Out Kitchen about age ethics in hunting and eating. They discuss what it means as a hunter to choose to eat older or younger animals, social media shaming, tenderness differences, societal acceptance of younger animals, ice soaking, field care, foul words like gamey, and so much more!!

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Special Guest:

Lance Lewis: Founder of Tagged Out Kitchen, Hunter, Wild Game Chef, Field to Table Culinary & Game Processing Instructor, Conservationist, Veteran

Follow Lance Lewis on Instagram @taggedoutkitchen


Justin Townsend: @adventures_for_food

Emily Long: @the_way_we_hunt


Venison tongue sushi

Show Notes:

Taking the kids out hunting

Looking for elk redemption in Wyoming

Lance Lewis – Tagged Out Kitchen

Changing demographics of the hunting community

What are age ethics

wild vs. domestic 

flavor, texture, tenderness

doe and herd management 

Does taking the herd cow change the whole herd?

Everybody’s moving to Oklahoma!

CWD and baiting 

Adrenaline in the meat

how to properly handle meat

don’t use the knife that have cut into a gland

age, diet, nutritional availability, water availability, field care

ice soaking method – why it’s bad

looking at young vs old animals

shanks are flavorful

the instapot


Venison tongue sushi

understanding the two types of meat, young vs. old 

being selective in what to shoot. 1st day vs. last day

the cesspool of social media 

the economics of hunting successes 

Hunting vs Buying Meat: The Traditional Hunter in the Modern World

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