Podcast: Episode 417, The Wild World of Game Tacos

Justin chats with Annie Weisz the Founder of Peak to Plate. They discuss sooooo many taco recipes, hunting, fishing, mac and cheese, meatloaf, playing with spiciness, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Annie Weisz: hunter, angler, wife, mom, registered dietitian, and Wyoming native.  In addition to her own website, peaktoplate.com, she contributes to Hunt to Eat, Wildwood Grilling, Outdoor Edge Knives, and other publications showcasing her killer wild game cooking skills. 

Follow Annie Weisz on Instagram @peak.to.plate


Venison taco with carne asada sauce

Homemade bacon


Classic Ground Tacos

Venison barbacoa tacos

Pronghorn carne asada

Shredded venison street tacos

Brook Trout Tacos

Stout Mac and Cheese 

Meatloaf with smoked tomato jam

buttered pheasant

Show Notes:

Annie’s start in hunting and fishing

catching cutthroat

Annies website

The hunting season so far

filling her elk tag

what a dietician does 

importance to teaching kids where their food comes from

what’s in Annie’s freezer now

what’s on the menu next

Homemade bacon

smoking meats


Shredded Street Taco

The OG crockpot 


Barbacoa Tacos

must haves on Tacos

Trout Tacos

how to “Taco”

when to use fat

Pronghorn carne asada

Venison taco with carne asada sauce

Favorite recipes

freezer meals 

Stout Mac and Cheese 

Whitetail ramen

buttered pheasant

adjusting spiciness

pan seared Mule deer backstrap with flathead cherries

Recipes at Wildwood grilling 

Meatloaf with smoked tomato jam

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