Podcast: Episode 416, A Cut Above the Rest

Justin chats with Corey Milligan the Founder of New West Knife Works. They discuss quality knives, hunting knives, cleavers, cutting injuries, teaching kids to cut food, cooking beaver tail, fishing in WY, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Corey Milligan: Hunter, Angler, Knife Maker, Chef, and Conservationist. Corey spent many years working in commercial kitchens which helped grow his passion for fine food and cutlery.  He used this passion and knowledge to create New West Knife Works in Jackson, Wyoming.  New West Knives have been featured in Forbes, Outside, Bon Appetit, and many other national publications for their outstanding cutlery.

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Special Offer:

New West Knife Works – a company that believes cooking is an art and a quality knife is the artist’s brush – is extending a holiday discount exclusively for Harvesting Nature listeners. All knives are sourced in the USA and expertly hand crafted by metalsmiths and artisans in the Tetons. Use code Harvest15 before December 31st for 15% off all g-fusion and ironwood tools for the kitchen and all g-fusion and ironwood knives for outdoor adventure. Visit newwestknifeworks.com to browse their vast inventory of world class tools for culinary artists. 


Beaver Bomber Sandwiches 

MeatEater Cincinnati Chili

Show Notes:

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