Podcast: Episode 414, Speed Goats, Snow Storms, and Whitetails

Justin, Ryan, Emily, and Jack recount their antelope seasons in Wyoming. They discuss Ryan and Emily’s first year hunting in WY, knocking on doors for permission, spooking antelope, blue tongue, turret positions, Wyoming whitetail deer, prairie dogs, and so much more!!

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Show Notes:

Antlers and Fin Podcast:

Learn to Cook Wilder with the Harvesting Nature Supper Club’s cooking classes:

Maple Whisky Duck Liver Pate w/ Adam Berkelmans:

Drawing Tags

Public Land Hunt or Private Land Hunt

Finding Hunting Land

Day 1 in Wyoming

Knocking on Doors

Long Range Shooting and Filming

Emily’s Shot 

Justin’s First Night

Spooking Antelope

Cactus Thorns

Ryan’s Shot

Dragging out Antelope

Welcome Hunters

Hunting Whitetail in Wyoming

Emily’s miss

Antelope don’t jump fences

Ryan’s Whitetail hit

Justin’s sideways scope

AJ’s buck

Jack’s Buck

Justin’s Stalk

Prairie Dogs

Blue Tongue

Elk Hunting in WY

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