Podcast: Episode 412, Food, Culture, Place

Justin chats with Lori McCarthy of Newfoundland about the island and her new book Food, Culture, Place. They discuss the traditions of the people living on the island, local cuisine, foraging and hunting in Newfoundland, moose recipes, and much more!

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Our Guest:

Our guest today is dedicated to the cultural foods of Newfoundland and Labrador. She has been featured in National Geographic, The Telegraph, National Post, and many other publications. She is the founder of Cod Sounds, which offers recipes, workshops and wild food experiences in the Newfoundland/Labrador region. And she will be releasing a new book this year: Food, Culture, Place: Stories, Traditions and Recipes of Newfoundland.  Lori McCarthy

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Show Notes:

how to say Newfoundland

where and what is Newfoundland 

moose delivery service 

growing up in Newfoundland

traditions and living off the land 

Good people who want to share their knowledge

Girls with Gun

from mentee to mentor 

always stay curious 

no one tells your where the geese are 

conversations in the shed over tea or beer

foraging for berries and dandelions 

do we need all this gear?

filling the freezer with Moose 

freezing game with fur and feathers on 

rabbit bone proof freezer bags

turr (murre) bird on the door

NY times article

how to cook turr

A few turrs knee deep in gravy

keep putting wild game on the table

making a meal at the beach

becoming aware of the food beneath our feet 

what can you do with what’s here

local charcuterie

find something that catches you on fire

learning to be a baker

Lori’s new book

collecting stories of people on the island

growing food on the island

collecting kelp and capelin

culinary love notes

Salt Moose 


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