Podcast: Episode 411, Fancy Field Food Favorites

Justin, Collin, Ben, Ryan and Emily chat about all things backpacking food. They discuss their favorite freeze dried food brands, dieting in the field, great quick meals, coffee substitutes, fiber issues, delicious snacks, weird food seen while hunting, and so much more! We also joined the Waypoint Outdoor Collective! You can now listen to us on their website and app.

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Tin Foil Meals 

Do-It-Yourself Backcountry Dehydrated Meals

Daniell Prewett’s Dehydrated Venison Taco Bowl

Show Notes:

Caffeine Supplements: Gu Energy 

Ryan’s bear hunt in Arkansas 

Ryan and Emily whitetail archery 

Twice smoked venison potato

Wyoming antelope hunt

Finding antelope in little slices

New Invasive Species Shirt 

New Invasive Species Sticker 

Why carry food in the field

Skipping coffee

Don’t change you diet 

What type of hunt is it?

Freeze dryers and dehydrators 

Mountain House


Trail Mix and Beef Jerky

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

4 categories



flavor options

space it takes up

Patagonia’s backpacking meals 

COLLIN2021 Code for Patagonia

Peak Refuel

Chili Mac and Cheese meals are dangerous 

Backpacker’s Pantry

Don’t buy meals from a company that’s gone out of business

Gastro Gnome

Wild Zora 

Fiber and sodium content 

Cutting hunts short because of fiber issues

Alpine Aire – mac and cheese

Justin Singing


Careful with spicy meals

Munching on a block of cheese

Backpacking beer 

Pat’s backcountry beverages

Picking their favorites

Hot tip: keep the silica gel packs for other things

We’re now part of the Waypoint Outdoor Collective 

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