Podcast: Episode 410, Elk Make the Plan

Justin and Ben Burgholzer, the HN Managing Editor, talk through their recent first time OTC Archery Elk Hunt in South Central Colorado and two past season hunting elk in Oregon. They discuss the ups, the downs, the bugles, the elk, the camping, the dangers, the awesome encounters, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Prior Experiences Hunting Elk

Ben’s Last Year in Oregon Hunting

Approach to Drawing or Buying Tags

Over the Counter Tags in Colorado

Scouting and E-Scouting

Episode 327: Oregon Black Bear Boondoggle

Elk Hunting in Oregon 2020

Elk 101 Course

Scouting Ahead of the Season

Physical Fitness

Elevation Sickness

East Meets West Podcast 

Gear and Packs

Meal Planning

Dehydrated Meals

Hunting in Oregon 2021

Podcast: Episode 323, Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

Meeting up with Craig

What is an Encounter

Hunting with Craig

The Lone Bull Encounter

Meet-up and Resupply

Day 1

Day 2

Justin Entices Elk Bugles… It’s a Fact. 

Giving up the High Ground

Weather Sucks

Nemo Hornet Tents are Badass

Drying our gear out

Hearing Elk

Hunting Pressure

The Monster Elk

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