Podcast: Episode 409, Wild Game Finger Foods

Justin, Collin, and Emily discuss finger foods, wild game style.  They discuss a ton of different ways to make your favorite wild game meat into finger foods. From meat pies, to egg rolls and potstickers, lumpia, and much more!

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Show Notes:

officially in full swing of hunting seasons

Collin’s updates (but not nutria)

wild blackberry jam

paying more attention what to forage

check and double check mushroom IDs

hairy berries

Video of recent The Way We Hunt veterans hunt

encounters with wild pigs

eating at Dai Due

Charcuterie boards

“Pah-steez” not pasties 

pasties, meat pies, or empanadas

are gizzards finger foods?

candied and fried duck and goose tongues


Squirrel potstickers 

snow goose kim chi mandu (LC Hunter)


tangent into sauerkraut

corned venison (LINK)

3 ingredient dove wellington

wild venison sweet potato meat pie

venison meat pies – Jason Thorton 

pizza rolls 

it’s ok not to make dough from scratch

ground venison sushi roll

Episode with Cayla

pheasant Philly cheese egg rolls

confit squirrel egg rolls

wild boar queso rolls

fried venison shepherds pie roulette

lumpia (The Way We Hunt)


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