Podcast: Episode 408, Grey Feathered Mini Missiles

Justin, Collin, Ara, and Brad talk all things dove hunting and dove cooking. They chat about dove hunting stories, their favorite dove recipes, dove poppers, plucking, grilling, Sous vide dove, dove offal, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Ara’s latest deer hunt

California’s bear season 

Big Bear California

Collin’s nutria food adventures


Big Lebowski

dehydrated goose heart snacks

ODFW Podcast


Brad’s latest dove hunting updates

deer in the backyard 

The Dove game

using dove calls

Dove facts

Brad’s article – Mourning Smoke

does wild fires affect mourning dove migration?

Ara’s typical dove hunts

Camo is important when dove hunting 

look at the idiots shooting each other

Brad’s typical dove hunts

Dove hunting opportunities in Colorado

shot to kill ratio

preferred shotgun

plucking vs. breasting 

eating the bones

chicken fried dove – recipe coming SOON

sous vide peking dove

Ara’s dove poppers 

Dove wellington

skewered dove

dove BBQ

braised dove with red wine sauce

Dove in cream sauce

dove offal

decoying doves

dove decoy migration 

pheasant recipes

missing doves

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