Podcast: Episode 407: Flying Meats and Waterfowl Treats

Justin, Kory, Adam, and Shawn West chat about all things waterfowl cooking. They discuss their favorite recipes, why waterfowl deserves a serious seat at the table, the silver duck press, purple geese, Kory’s pastrami recipe, duck confit, cooking classes, waterfowl offal, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Dove Season and Poppers

Kory’s Goose Adventure

Allen Company Burlap Camo (link)

Episode 405 Adventures for Food

Live Cooking Classes

On Demand Cooking Classes

Waterfowl name game

Endless Season Duck Hunting Shirt

Cackling Geese

On Cooking Ducks and Geese

Using Recipes geared towards domestic waterfowl for wild waterfowl

Grass Fed Beef Flavor

Wild Game Mop Sauce

Plucking or Not Plucking

Purple Geese

Cooking with Goose Fat

Diver Duck Fat

Fishy Taste?

Country Fried Merganser 

Sichuan Beer Braised Duck

Hot Pot Sauce

Duck and Wild Rice Hotdish 

Kory’s Goose Pastrami

Hank Shaw Goose Pastrami

Grilled Goose Breast like Steak

Confit Ducks

Whole Roasted Mallards

Pressed Duck

Silver Duck Press

French Comfort Food

Adam’s Cooking Class

Mongolian Goose Cooking Class

Goose Hearts

Crispy Deep Fried Goose Hearts

Butterflied Grilled Hearts

Justin’s Grilled Heart Skewer Cooking Class

Goose Gizzards

Duck Tongues

Non-native Phragmites

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