Podcast: Episode 404, The Hunter Chef

Justin and Collin chat with wild chef and author Michael Hunter. They discuss his most recent cookbook of 100 wild food recipes and butchery guides, vegan protests, wild food desserts, moose tongue pastrami, complexities in our food system, and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Michael Hunter:

Michael is a Canadian-born professionally trained chef, co-owner of Antler Kitchen & Bar, a hunter, forager, husband, and father. In 2020, he published The Hunter Chef Cookbook which features a collection of over 100 recipes and butchery guides.

Follow Michael on Instagram @thehunterchef

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Show Notes:

Adventures for Food Episode 401: Bulls, Sharks, and Lions Oh My

Oregon’s hunting workshops 

Colin’s article on shotgun skills course

Shooting shotguns

Archery vs. gun hunting

Growing up on a horse farm

The start of Antler 

“Venison is the new kale”

Going viral for breaking down a deer for PETA

Oregon’s IP13

Why we need to eat meat 

Complexities in our food system

Collin talking about nutria…again

Michael’s cook book 

Desserts from the wild 

Wild ginger ice cream

Cedar sorbet 

Mouse tongue pastrami

Pickled puff ball mushroom

Mushroom hunting

Seared foie gras

Venison tenderloin with spice ash

Using spice ash and how to make it 

Responsible foraging 

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