Podcast: Episode 403, The Cement Mixer Meat Tenderizer

Justin chats with Australian hunter and wild game cook Andrew Joulianou, aka the Bald Chef. They discuss pickled rabbit, Australian hunting culture, wild goat, kangaroo steaks, tenderizing octopus in a concrete mixer, and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Andrew Joulianou:

Andrew is a hunter, angler, forager, gardener, and self taught chef. He is the founder of The Bald Chef, a website dedicated to promoting a sustainable and ethical future through the food industry and every aspect of life. On his website, you can find amazing recipes as well as products he created or locally sourced.

Follow Andrew on Instagram @thebaldchefau

Check out Andrew’s website


Kangaroo Tail Stew

Kangaroo Steaks Marinated with you Mediterranean Spice Mix

Venison Heart Hash

Boudin Balls on MeatEater

Pickled Wild Rabbit 

Grilled Octopus

Show Notes:

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Podcast Episode 331: The Hog Book with Jesse Griffiths

Public Land in Australia

Public Land Hunting vs Private Land Hunting

Pig hunting in Australia

Kangaroo Hunting

Kangaroo Steaks

Kangaroo Stew


Hares and Rabbits

Wild goat hunting

Wild goat meat

Perceptions on goat meat

Take me hunting in Australia

Take me hunting in Colorado

Boudin Sausage

Pickled Rabbit 

Canning Venison

Tower Gardens


Adventures for Food Episode 401

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