Podcast: Episode 402, Venison Pizza Rolls

Justin and the crew chat with Cayla Bendel, a Field Staff Writer at Harvesting Nature. They discuss hunting in college, noodles and nutria, ice fishing in the extremes, canoe marathons, pheasant vs turkey meat, and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Cayla Bendel: Field Staff Writer

Cayla is a conservation professional that resides in North Dakota with her husband and pudelpointer, Finley. Together they enjoy avidly hunting, fishing, and otherwise frolicking their way through the seasons.

Follow Cayla on Instagram @caylaroseruby


Venison Pizza Rolls 

Fish and Chips recipe

Wild Turkey Salad

Venison Gyro recipe – join the Wild Fish and Game Community to find it.

Show Notes:

Noodles & Nutria

Cayla’s tag draws

Poodle Pointers 

Pigs creating global warning

When do invasives become a welcomed part of the landscape

How Cayla started hunting

hunting in college

first real job with Pheasants Forever

Having hunting opportunities close by

Many hunting “firsts” in North Dakota

Ben the aimless wanderer 

connecting hunting with food

Venison Tamale pie

Venison Pizza Rolls 

versatility of egg roll wrappers

Fish and Chips recipe 

marathons carrying a canoe 

Tag Soup article

the issues of social media

turkey salad

pheasant vs. turkey meat

CO turkey season

What’s in Cayla’s freezer 

Venison Gyro recipe – join the Wild Fish and Game Community to find it.

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