Podcast: Episode 400, Bathtub Carp and Tasty Trash Fish

Justin chats with Adam Berkelmans and Jeff Benda about what are commonly known as Trash Fish. They discuss eating each of the most popular “trash fish”, russian pike lore, whole fish breakdown, delicious recipes, and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Adam Berkelmans:

Intrepid Eater Website

Episode 329: Life is Like a Box of… Duck Livers

Visit Adam’s Instagram

Jeff Benda:

Wild Game and Fish Website

Episode 328: Fishing in a Tuxedo

Visit Jeff’s Instagram


Smoked Carp Nicoise Salad

Smoked Goldeye Fish Dip

Smoked Catfish Dip

Northern Pike Breakdown 

Pickled Northern under a Fur Coat

Pike Green Curry 

Pike Creole

Catfish Scallops

Crispy Whole Fried Panfish 

Show Notes:

What are trash fish?

Freshwater vs saltwater trash fish




Bathtub Carp in Czech Republic

Asian Carp Burgers in Chicago

Goldeye Fish

Pike Breakdown 

Spearfishing for Pike

Russian Pike Lore and Legends

White Bass 

Eating Bass

Frying fish

Taste testing fish

Josh Niland

Treating fish as meat

How fish are eaten around the world

Changing the names of fish

Patagonian Toothfish


Freshwater Drum pearl in the eye


Responsible fish and seafood consumption

Recipe Review

Whole fish breakdown

Hot oil cooking method

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