Podcast, Episode 336, Sauteed Cicadas and Summertime Shenanigans

Justin, Kory, and Collin talk about their summers thus far.  Their summers include bass fishing, nutria hunting, trout fishing, mushroom foraging, cicada harvesting, and much more!

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Show Notes:

Collin getting after some invasive species in Oregon
CWD in Warren County Pennsylvania
Jeff Benda’s visit to PA
Cooking pronghorn and venison 
Jaccard Meat tenderizer

antelope seasons in Wyoming 
wild game charcuterie board
Justin’s first fishing trip in CO
Trout meuniere
Will Hunting and Fishing be Criminalized in Oregon?
Summer fishing in PA
Fishing in GoWild’s Bass tournament
Cicada’s in PA
Lobster mushrooms
joining foraging groups and learning CO wild edibles
The Harvesting Nature bear hunting films – Part 1 & Part 2
Justin’s new compound bow – The Bear Legit  

hunting for nutria

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