Podcast: Episode 335, Reclaiming the Legacy of Meat

Justin and Collin talk with Robby Sansom of Force of Nature Meats.  They have an in depth discussion about what regenerative agriculture is, the principles, and how it relates to hunting and fishing.  It’s an informative episode you don’t want to miss!

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Special Guest: 

Robby Sansom is from Austin, Texas.  He is the Co-Founder & CEO at Force of Nature, a regeneratively sourced meat company.  He is also a Land Steward at the ROAM Ranch, regeneratively managing his own bison. You can often find him on a trail, ocean, mountain or field, always making time to appreciate nature and explore his surroundings.

Visit https://forceofnature.com/

Visit Force of Nature Meats’ IG: @forceofnaturemeats


Bison Tenderloin steaks with Holiday Cranberry Glaze

Bison Salisbury Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

Show Notes:

BHA Rendezvous recap

BHA Wild Food competition menu and results

Collin’s upcoming hunting seasons

Trout meuniere

eating at Dai Due

Robby’s outdoor adventures

Robby’s start in the culinary world

Epic Provisions 

going down the rabbit hole of our agriculture systems

subtle shifts to improve food sources

challenges the family farmer faces today

getting people involved in their food supply

what regenerative agriculture has to do with wild fish and game

Understanding where your food comes

monoculture/agriculture systems taking over wild places

What a quarter pound of ground meat can do

What regenerative agriculture is and its principles

Cover crops

How to recognize a regenerative agriculture farm

don’t let soil erode

supporting companies that have similar values

being stewards of the land, as a hunter and a farmer

respect for the animals that we kill

Bison at the Roam Ranch

recipes on the website

Elk vs. whitetail vs. bison taste test

wild game as a direct representation of the environment

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