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It was a busy weekend during the end of June at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX. The Ducks Unlimited (DUX) Expo presented by Purina Pro Plan came in at full throttle with multiple vendors and events making it the perfect family fun weekend. With folks coming from across the nation to visit this massive extravaganza of fishing, full-fledged rifle and pistol range, skeet shooting, archery range, and new products from the best companies in the business.

Moving outside the premises of the legendary Texas Motor Speedway took place major events were held at the “fishing village” that included canoe & kayak paddling, casting techniques for fly fishing, bait and spin casting. Moving over to the “shooting village” was a full hands on experience to field test rifles, hand guns, and skeet shooting from vendors such as Retay, Browning, Savage Arms, Benelli, Beretta and more! For all you Bow hunters out there DUX included an archery range testing out the latest and greatest from Matthews, Hoyt, Prime and more.

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There was no shortage of special guest appearances during the DUX Expo, Professional Shotgun Exhibition Shooter Travis Mears (@travismears) demonstrated a once again, outstanding performance. Present over at the Retay booth was none ofter than Dr. Duck’s Dennis Loosier (@dr_duck) and Billy Campbell (@thefowlhunter) from Realtrees hit show “Federal Premium’s Black Cloud – Dr. Duck”

Available were both a 4×4 off road track featuring the latest tucks and SUV’s from Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. Need something lighter? DUX has you covered with a separate full dirt track where you can test drive ATV’s and UTV’s from CanAm, Polaris, Thumper Fab, and Tracker. Is two wheels more your style? An easy to navigate off road course was made available where you can get hands on with bikes from Rambo, Rouge and SYKL. After a long day of testing, accessing flawless live performances was possible through out the weekend with performances by CB30, Boy Named Banjo, Catie Offerman, Adam Hambrick, Kylie Morgan and Gary Allen.

Our furry four-legged friends even made an appearance at the DUX Expo with young pups ready for a new home, all the way up to demonstrations from highly trained duck dogs. Some even got to take a dip during the Texas summer as they participated in a doggy jumping contest making a real splash during the weekend. And don’t worry, for the dogs that didn’t compete DUX made sure they were covered with shade, AC, and a cold bucket of water to drink on literally every corner through out the Expo grounds! Oh, did I mention that along with keeping the pups cool, Texas sweet tea, lemonade and food vendors were made available for guests providing delicious and cooling refreshments!

Think you’re pretty good on a duck call? Put your call where your mouth is and hop up on stage for a duck calling contest and let ‘er sing! (And trust me, they did!) Also present at the expo were friends and vendors ALPS Outdoorz, Dixie Decoys, KUIU, Pro Drive Outboards, Back Down South Clothing, Kent Cartridge and much, MUCH more! Getting involved makes great events like this possible, signing up and becoming a member of your choice of conservation organization was one of the biggest aspects of the DUX Expo. DUX really made it easy to find out what conservation organizations were up to and providing information on how to get involved with friends from Back Country Hunters & Anglers, Ducks Unlimited, Texas Parks and Wildlife and more!

I was also fortunate enough to catch up with the Dirty Duck Coffee Company. Dirty Duck Coffee of Missouri just launched their new blend “Missouri Boat Ride,” which consists of a smooth pecan praline and coconut flavors. The coffee company is in a building built in 1887, and has “stood the test of time in a rural Missouri town above the Missouri River bottoms and the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge making the location a prime migration flyway.”

This weekend in June was slammed packed with laughs, great food, newly shaken hands, entertainment and hands on experiences. Ducks unlimited pulled off one of the greatest and biggest expos that I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot. It was a great way to meet new people and was also a great way of bringing the outdoor community closer as I feel “community” is much more of an understatements as it was equivalent to spending the weekend with one big family. Waterfowlers, bow hunters, bass and fly fisherman, big game chasers and off road junkies. DUX had something for everyone. If you get a chance, I highly recommend packing the wife and kids, even grandma and grandpa, in the car and making the trip to the 2022 Ducks Unlimited (DUX) Expo. I know for sure I won’t be missing it!

Jason Luna

My hope is to reach out to our future generations to pass on the tradition and honor of the harvest with the same caring hand that passed it down to us. I hope to help shape our image as outdoorsmen and women not as blood thirsty hunters that are after every animal in the woods, but as harvesters that honor wildlife and that are passionate about fair chase, ethical hunting and fishing, for those hunters and anglers that live the tradition of the harvest. I hope to inspire others to be that small piece of this big pie known as conservation to take part in caring for the wildlife we admire, the land we know, and the outdoors we love.

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