Podcast: Episode 333, Hunting and Creating Food

Justin talks with Tori Loomis, a wild game chef and Field Staff Writer at Harvesting Nature. They discuss hunting and connecting with food, cooking elk, rabbit recipes, peeling crawfish, salt crusted bass and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Tori Loomis: is a mother, chef, hunter, artist, and outdoor enthusiast. Through her passion for food, gardening, and the pursuit of wild game she has cultivated a greater understanding, and deeper appreciation for the natural world. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of influence through food.

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Camp Hash

Elk Pot Pie

Bass and Arugula Salad

Salt crusted bass

Rabbit Sauce Piquante 

Show Notes:

Cooking for hunters

Favorite trip to Texas

Cooking wild fish and game 

Working for food is necessary

The journey of becoming a hunter

From vegan to wild game cook

Learning about the food industry

Cooking food from other cultures

Crawfish hash

Peeling crawfish

Future plans

Women’s skills camp

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