Will Hunting and Fishing be Criminalized in Oregon?


Information courtesy of Free Range American

We are steadily awaiting the results of the 2021 Initiative Petition 13 or IP13 which was filed last year in Oregon by a Portland based animal rights group. The petition will require 112,020 signatures to land a position on the November 2022 ballot for Oregon voters.

The overall premise of this bill is marketed as a bill to end animal cruelty which most people would support. If you dig deeper into the proposed bill then you will find that the language is much more specific. If passed, this bill would make the intentional killing of ANY animal illegal in the state of Oregon. This will include hunting, fishing, trapping, and all forms of animal agriculture which involve slaughtering the animal. All of these actions would be considered animal abuse and punishable as a felony.

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The website that supports this bill has a very interesting FAQ section which details how the founders hypothesize the effects of the bill if passed. Their reference to hunting and fishing:

“If passed, IP13 would remove the exemption for hunting, fishing, and trapping from our cruelty laws, meaning that any practice that involves the intentional injury of an animal would be criminalized. Although the practice of seeking, pursuing, and in some cases even capturing an animal would still be legally protected, the practice of killing animals would no longer be protected.”

This statement confirms thoughts from the hunting and fishing community about the threat of this bill to our lifestyle. If IP13 were to gain traction and gain a position on the ballot then there could be a possibility that this bill could pass like any other piece of voter approved legislation. As hunters and anglers, we should show our support in the demise of this potential bill. The petition period closed on 08 July and now the voters of Oregon will have to wait to see the final count of the petition.

Justin Townsend

Justin (Choctaw) is an avid hunter, angler, and chef whose passion for the outdoors lead him to create Harvesting Nature in 2011. He continues to hunt, fish, and cook all while sharing his experiences with others through film, podcasts, print, and with recipes. He also proudly serves in the United States Coast Guard.

4 thoughts on “Will Hunting and Fishing be Criminalized in Oregon?

  • Sincerely1

    That’s the most insane thing they could do. Oregon is a hunting, fishing, outdoors adventurer State.

  • Maddy Reese

    Have the individuals who proposed this bill dug into the ways the fish and wildlife department positively manage the lands, balance the wildlife and preserve the outdoors as we know it??!! Who do you think pays for all of that! Hunters and fishermen do when they purchase licenses and tags every year. This won’t make it very far. Politicians love money and A LOT of money would be lost if there was no longer hunting and fishing.

  • Schown cantrell

    I would love to think that this cannot pass…however I think this is more of an effort to enforce the Green initiative or New Green Deal. Here is why… most of us use to our cars and trucks to go hunting/fishing as well as our ATV’s. This bill also attacks farmers…so if they don’t allow the harvesting of livestock then why do you need your farm,tractors, or any other gas/diesel vehicles. I then think once they have broken our wills with what we love to do and how we live it will make it much easier to implement electric cars and start re-zoning properties of land owners for government benefit…after all why would you need or want property that you cannot enjoy or manage. Hate to say it but I think it could pass, I pray it won’t!!!

  • Angela Hansen

    I think this goes past the New Green Deal. They have been trying to take our firearms and ammo for awhile. I can see the argument now, “If you can’t hunt why do you need your firearms, let’s go ahead and make those a crime to have as well.” This is setting up our people for a hot mess.


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