Podcast: The Hog Book w/ Jesse Griffiths

Justin and the crew talk with the great wild game chef Jesse Griffiths. They discuss Jesse’s new cookbook The Hog Book, Texas foods, butchering game meat, conscious eating, crabbing, cooking questions from listeners, tips, tricks, and so much more!

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Special Guest: 

Jesse Griffiths: Jesse is a world class chef and owner of Dai Due, a butcher shop and supper club in Austin, Texas where everything on the menu is sourced locally.  He is also the head instructor of the New School of Traditional Cookery.  In 2012 he released Afield: a chef’s guide to preparing and cooking wild game and fish, which was nominated for a James Beard award. He is releasing a new cook book, focusing on wild hogs called The Hog Book.

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Feral sow’s milk ricotta cheese

Pon Haus

Hog Wings

Torta Milanesa

Show Notes:

Jesse’s Background

Favorite hunting moment

A shotgun misfire

Dai Due Supper Club and local only dinners

New School of Traditional Cookery

Texas Wines

Local sourcing

Texas influences in food

The food chain during COVID and the 2019 Texas Freeze

Local vs National Food Supply Chains

Local neighborhood shop

The menu at Dai Due

Nilgai meat

Feral Hog

Tortilla as a sausage binder

The Hog Book 

A shift in conscious eating

The Hog Trapper Paradigm Podcast Episode 19

Will food solve overpopulation?

Recipes from The Hog Book

Feral sow’s milk ricotta cheese – was that an April Fool’s joke?

Pon Haus

Hog Wings

Torta Milanesa

Cleaver and Mallet Technique

A curing pork chapter

Favorite recipes from the book

What’s in the freezer?

The deliciousness of Boudain

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Listener Questions


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