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make available for use; supply.

“these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area”


make adequate preparation for (a possible event).

“new qualifications must provide for changes in technology”

Providing does not stop at money or in reference to us as hunters, hunting. What about the majority of our time being spent at home rather than in the mountains or backcountry. When we get home let’s consider our options for providing for our family and friends.

My first thought is the garden. A post from Harvesting Nature and @kevinkossowan brought up a great point that there are more ways than just hunting and fishing to harvest nature. If we consider it for just a second, hunting is probably one of the more difficult ways, if not the most, to feed ourselves from nature. If you’re not really into the garden side maybe get the family involved and you can just keep doing what you love by providing some good rabbit protein to the table. But to me gardening is a little more relaxing and a little closer to home and definitely can provide a great harvest.

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If you grew up like me, the garden is nostalgic. It brings me back to my childhood, out back with my pops digging up last year’s garden, churning and chopping up last year’s vegetation in preparation for this year’s harvest of veggies and fruits. Going to the local garden center and buying soil seeds and nutrients. If you were lucky dad let you pick that weird fruit, veggie or maybe even a hot pepper, so you could tell everyone “that one I grew” with all the beaming pride of I did that myself.

One of the most interesting sides of a home or neighborhood garden is what can and what can’t grow in your area. A big determining factor is climate, soil and the hardscape of your hometown area. Obviously weather is a huge factor in making your decisions on what fruits, vegetables and herbs that can survive. Too hot or cold and the plants just can’t survive. When it comes to nutrients, what is in your fertilizer can make or break the garden. Nitrogen or phosphorus rich soils can stimulate or unsettle growth of your garden. Reading the fine print and instructions might be a good idea, usually something I tend to skip. The hardscape is the framework when it comes to deciding where to put your garden, it’s essentially the blueprint.

Who would have thought fruiting vegetables would bring so much joy? But as we grow our family’s it’s beyond the fact that part of a healthy diet are your fruits and veggies, especially the ones you used to hide in your napkin as a kid. But when you put so much time and effort it’s inevitable that the end result can really fill you with pride. When you tell your kids that what’s on their plate came from your very own garden, rather than the grocery store, you can see it in their eyes that they just get it.

Daniel Kenworthy

First and foremost, I am a husband and dad, but I am also a plumber, an angler, and proud to say, a hunter. Though I started hunting much later in my life than most people who hunt, it has become a huge part of my life in a short amount of time. It has expanded into so much more. Hunting has made me into a hiker, nature lover and I even started gardening. My love of the outdoors has grown so much in my adulthood. I have found out that as long as I can be outside, I seem to be content. At the lake or in the mountains, I just seem to find my happy place.

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