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Over the past couple of months Kory and I have been fortunate enough to utilize and test the Shocker series products by ALLEN Company. I enjoyed using these products hunting Osceola Turkeys in Central Florida and Kory used his Shocker series products while hunting Eastern Turkeys in Pennsylvania. We both found varied success hunting, but the ALLEN products were dependable on each and every hunt. 

You can check out the Shocker Series of turkey hunting gear over at the ALLEN Company website or look for the products at your local retailer. 

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You can check out two of our podcast episodes that go more in-depth on our trips out hunting and us reviewing some of the various gear we used along the way. 

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About the Shocker Series:

To be Shocker-worthy, a product must possess the exact elements to make turkey hunting easier and make you a better hunter. Each item in the SHOCKER™ product line is designed, from inception, with purpose-driven storage compartments, specific features, and item orientations with turkey hunting-solely in mind. Each one of these individual items are a critical turkey hunting accessory providing a strong modular foundation to the overall SHOCKER™ Turkey Hunting Collection. Made using The Official Camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Mossy Oak® Obsession® was developed to provide turkey hunters with both concealment for the hunt and support for the resource.

Kory’s Review: 

Nothing ruins the end to a successful hunt more than realizing you lost a piece of equipment along the way.  Because of that I am obsessive about having a good, secure place for each piece of my essential gear when I’m out hunting.  This pocket for my knife, that one for my calls, these for extra ammo.  I check, re-check, and check again when I’m gearing up to head to the woods.  Not only does this approach ensure I am less likely to lose something, I’m also more organized and can get to my gear more quickly and easily when speed and stealth are priority. 

With turkey hunting I’m not carrying a big backpack full of gear into the woods, I like to be quiet and mobile.  But I do have enough stuff that keeping track of it can get overwhelming.  Locator calls, a box call, a handful of diaphragm calls, a few extra rounds of turkey loads, a headlamp, a knife, and so on. 

That’s where the Shocker Series gear shines. The Cut’N’Run pack is the perfect size for the running and gunning style of turkey hunting. The pack is just big enough to fit the essentials, but isn’t bulky and won’t slow me down when I’m crawling to that next tree to get set up.  The main pocket is a combination magnet and clasp closure so getting to that call won’t scare away that wary tom working his way toward me. 

What I love most about the Shocker Series gear are the pockets for the mouth calls.  No more digging in my pants pockets and fumbling with the plastic case to get out my diaphragm calls.  The pack, sling, gloves and neck gaiter all have slots for mouth calls, so they are always at hand.

Justin’s Review: 

My favorite piece in the product line is the Hypa-lite Shocker Shotgun Sling. We chose to use bicycles this year to cruise the logging roads looking for birds. We would ride, stop, use the calls, and move on if we didn’t hear a bird return a call. I would place the shogun sling across my body and place two shells in the shell holder and place my diaphram calls in the pouches. I never lost a call this way because of the built in cover that holds the calls in place. I was able to quickly and quietly get to my calls whenever I stopped to make a call.

We also received a large amount of rain while we were hunting so we would stop and hang a tarp over an area we would set up as a blind. The Shocker Tom Taker Click Stix Shooting Stick was handy in the blind to rest my shotgun as I steadied for a shot. I kept it near my feet and was able to move it into position to rest my shotgun. The V notch held my shotgun in place as I put beads on birds. I will admit that the shooting stick also came in handy when we needed to prop up a side of the tarp for extra visibility. I was light and I didn’t mind adding it to my pack for longer bike rides.   

Overall, the on of the top performers is the 52” Shotgun Case. This case was instrumental in keeping my gear organized in the truck. I was able to fit my shotgun, ammo, calls, choke tubes, gloves, and mask in case. I hate when I travel and, as the trip goes on, my gear gets spread all over the vehicle. With this case, I was able to keep all my necessities together. I also really enjoyed using the removable turkey tape to check beard and spur lengths. 

If you are looking for quality, dependable turkey gear at an affordable price then look no further than ALLEN Company’s Shocker Series. Both Kory and I loved the gear this year, and will definitely be putting these items to use for many more turkey seasons to come.

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