Podcast: Episode 327, Oregon Black Bear Boondoggle

Justin, Ben, Collin set off on a grand black bear hunting adventure in the Coast Range of Oregon with Ryan and Emily of The Way We Hunt. The trails are steep, the forests thick, and the swamps are buggy. Are the bears even tougher than the terrain or are they just lazy? Join the crew on this crazy quest to bag a black bear. 

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Special Guests:

Emily and Ryan Long: Founders of The Way We Hunt

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Show Notes: 


Drawing tags

Making plans

Duck Bites

Day 1

Slumberjack Tarp

Wild Zora Meals

New Boots

Black Bears are Lazy

Day 2

Is it Cold or Hot?

Its Kinda Steep

The Game Camera

Mountain Lion Sign


Day 3

Oregon Roads

Turkey Hunting


Hiker Pro Water Filter

Running out of Water

Dirt Bikers

The Hot Intel

Upfront Outfitters

Day 4

A Bear!

Hand signals

The stalk

Bear 2

Bear 3

The second stalk

Putting bears to bed

Day 5


The Long Bear

The shot

The swamp

The packout

No water


The return trip

Music by Cam Pierce

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