Podcast: Episode 325, A Wild Game Sausage Party

Justin talks with Adam and John of the Harvesting Nature Crew, and Ryan of The Way We Hunt. They talk about all things wild game sausage. Including their favorite recipes, the necessary equipment for sausage making, some tips and tricks, plus much more!

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Ancho and Chipotle Chile Smoked Venison Sausage by John Vile

Alligator Sausage at The Way We Hunt

Justin’s Smoked Wild Game Cheese Sausage AKA Kasekrainer

Antelope Andouille Sausage

Show Notes:

Updates from the crew

Videos from The Way We Hunt

Introducing Adam Steele of the Harvesting Nature Crew

Gobblers and Garbage

Introducing John Vile of the Harvesting Nature Crew

Bi-State Shad Tournament

Tips for shad fishing

The Founding Fish

SBCANNING.COM – Fresh pork sausage

The last dab hot sauce


digressing into bobcats

adding heat later

Have a good breakfast, Italian, and bratwurst 

Start with the basic three ingredients

Sourcing High Temp Cheese

4 major pieces of equipment that help you make sausage

Meat Grinders 

Sausage stuffers


Stuffers vs. grinders for stuffing sausage casings 

Irish breakfast sausage 

Emulsification by accident 

cooking the meat while in the grinder is bad and how to avoid it

prepping the meat before going into the grinder – close to frozen 

cut into strips not just chunks 

keeping everything cold 

use food grade oil to lubricate

HOT TIPS: Using emory paper to remove high spots on grind plates

match up Every plate with its own blade 

work in large batches

freezing ground meat flat

thinking ahead for portion sizes

Casings – natural vs collagen, size, and diameter 

fat ratio for mixing 

HOT TIPS: Teamwork helps make stuffing sausage easier

developing a good bind

pink salt/insta-cure for cold smoking 

#1 vs. #2 cure

bologna instead of sausage

how many slim jims do you have to eat to consume too much nitrate/nitrites 

don’t be afraid to try it yourself and have fun

Music by Cam Pierce

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