Podcast: Episode 324, Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania

Kory talks with his friend JC about all things trout fishing in Pennsylvania.  Including the PA Fish & Boat Commission’s stocking program, the abundance of great trout fishing across the state, different techniques, a few recipes, plus much more!

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Special Guest: JC Sabol

J.C. is an adult onset hunter, but is no stranger to the outdoors. He has been backpacking, fishing, climbing, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors for as long as he can remember. Only recently has he gained a greater appreciation for understanding where his food comes from and acquiring the skills to ethically harvest it. 


Trout and Thai Basil 

Show Notes:  

Episode 232: Cooking, Hunting, and Eating with a New Hunter

Allen Company Fishing Gear we used

Cedar Creek Sling Pack

Beaverhead Fishing Waders Bag 

An update from our friends at University of Pennsylvania from Episode 317 

JC’s background in fishing

JC’s fly fishing mentor Sam Lawrence 

Fishing in Eastern PA during grad school 

The start of Kory and JC’s annual trout fishing trip

Fishing and catching trout in Oil Creek

PA’s trout stocking program

PFBC info on stocking Stats

Stocked trout and native trout

Taking the kids and volunteering to help stock

The techniques Kory and JC used to catch trout

Article on techniques and float

Why You Should Bring a Tenkara Rod Everywhere article 

Girthy Palomino trout

Fishing on very cold days

Fishing the different streams in eastern PA during grad school 

Threading a minnow to catch trout

different fishing knots

to catch fish you need to have your line in the water

The tug is the drug

Fish Tales

The advantages of having the right gear

Fish Tacos

Pickled Red Onions

Make sure there aren’t any bones in the fish filets

Trout and Thai Basil 

Fishing in Idaho and catching cutthroat 

Why trout fishing is Kory’s favorite outdoor pursuit

Music by Cam Pierce

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