Podcast: Episode 323, Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

Justin and his buddy Craig Clopper travel up to central Florida to chase the famed and elusive Osceola Turkey. They discuss hunting via bicycle, turkey behaviors, waiting in the rain, thunder gobbles, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Craig Clopper: Charter Captain, Fishing Guide, Hunter, Hunting Guide, Angler, Adventurer, and the owner of Goliath Charters in the Florida Keys.

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Show Notes:

Craig’s background

Osceola Turkey

Ocala National Forest

The Plan


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ALLEN Company Turkey Shotgun Case

ALLEN Company Shotgun Sling

ALLEN Company Turkey Pack

Slumberjack Tarp


Turkey Behaviors

Intel from friends and research

Day 1


OnXMaps mismatch


Evening Setup

Day 2

Tick Bites

Alpha Gal Syndrome

Permethrin Bug Spray

Day 3

Were decoys working? 

14 hours in the blind

Day 4 morning


Next Adventures

Katmai Lodge

Music by Cam Pierce

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