Podcast: Episode 321, Searching for Seafood in British Columbia

Justin and Kory chat with Field Staff Writer Kendra Stoner who lives on Vancouver Island in Canada. They discuss spearfishing, eating sea urchins, swimming with salmon, going from vegan to meat eater, plus so much more!

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Field Staff Writer: Kendra Stoner

Kendra is a free diver, rock climber, forager, hiker, surfer, solo adventurer, world traveler, and advent epic experience seeker. Most would say she is an adventure gal with a super power of connection. Her ability to connect to those she meets creates beautiful interactions and opportunities, and her love for nature allows for an incredible connection to the world around her.

Follow Kendra on Instagram: @kendrastoner


Kendra’s Poke bowl recipe

Show Notes:

Conservation News: Chase Waller’s update on Piney Point 

Kendra’s favorite outdoor activity

Living a sustainable lifestyle in the outdoors

The Tofino West Coast Freediving Dream

leaning into a self sufficient lifestyle 

Where do you go to find your adventure 

Kendra’s Poke bowl recipe

catching a lot of Tuna 

Kendra’s article Just Keep Swimming about free diving during the salmon run

Justin’s fascination with Salmon

Spear fishing 

Kelp beds

Sea urchins, harvesting and eating

Kendra’s favorite moments while free diving

Learning experiences while spearfishing

Swimming and spearfishing with sharks

Kendra’s hunting experience

Kendra’s favorite fish to eat and other foods in BC

Her conversion from Vegan to meat eating


Bucket list adventures

Herring spawn along the coastline

Have courage and get after it

Music by Cam Pierce

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