Podcast: Episode 318, Campfire Cookery and Wild Kitchens

Justin and Kory talk with Kevin Kossowan, a writer, filmmaker, hunter, angler, forager, and wild food chef. They discuss cooking classy meals in the wilderness, campfire cookery, buck neck confit, dos and don’ts in wild kitchens, foraging, cooking out of a backpack, and so much more.

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Special Guests:

Kevin Kossowan: Writer, hunter, angler, forager filmmaker, and wild cook.  He has been nominated for a James Beard Award for Best Webseries On Location’ & ‘Visual & Technical Excellence’ for the series From the Wild: A Journey in Wild Food.

connect with Kevin on IG – @fromthewildca and @kevinkossowan


Kevin’s show on PBS: Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest

From the Wild webseries

Show Notes:

The wild harvesters paradise in western Canada

Working with international chefs

“The Destination is the plate”

working with Hank Shaw

Finding a way to do what you enjoy

Buck neck confit with deer fat

HOT TIP: Take the fat and taste/smell test it

Making the case for deer fat

how a deer’s diet affects their flavor

Spring bear hunting

bear bratwurst with moose marrow mayonnaise 

Low bush cranberry Jam and Antelope burger

Taking what you find around you and making the best culinary use 

how all the food is connected

Look at the stuff under your boots

Lisa Cutcliffe

Eating “Trash fish” and other non-desirables 

learning humility in the kitchen

looking at wild game through different cultural lenses 

Making fish chowder for bear camp that incorporates seaweed and fiddle heads and other greens from the west coast

March in Key West vs. March in BC Canada

cooking in the wild 

Teaching foraging walks and how to cook out of a backpack

Base camp – pantry building and fire cookery

using a wood library – picture on fromthewild.ca website

Firewood is important for cooking 

Cooking over a fire

Hank Shaw Cooking goose and grouse on a rock

building a tandoor and making naan in the bush

rocket stoves are highly recommended

Dos and Don’ts while cooking in the wild

know how to start a fire more than a couple different ways

back up plans are important

Justin’s boat side fish dinner with a sweet rum sauce

Kevin’s favorite meals over the fire

A hike-in kitchen and dining room table 

From the Wild Webseries

The destination is always a plate of food

Go to fromthewild.ca to watch the James Beard Award nominated web series.

Wild Harvest with Les Stroud on PBS

Music by Cam Pierce

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