Podcast: Episode 315, Essential Kitchen Equipment

Join Justin and the crew as they discuss the top tools every wild fish and game cook should have handy in their kitchen. They discuss knives, meat grinders, DIY cutting tables, sealers, scales, sous vide, spatulas, and so much more!

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Venison Stuffed Steaks

The Way We Hunt Turkey Masala

Venison Borscht 

Show Notes:

Adventure for Food Film Series

AFF Film Q&A with Justin and AJ

Ice Fishing 

trapping beaver

Beaver charcuterie

late season duck hunting in Oregon

#1 Chef Knives

Episode with Ara Zada

How big is your filet knife?

Using filet knives in the kitchen

#2 a smoker/grill

Kamado vs. pellet vs. charcoal

Venison Stuffed Steaks

#3 Slow Cooker 

Elk chili

Duck Tikka Masala 

The Way We Hunt Turkey Masala

Pressure Cookers

Beef Tallow

Venison Borscht 

wet rendering fat

#4 Mason Jars

Canned Meat

#5 Vacuum Sealer

#6 Kitchen Scale

#7 Sous Vide

Duck in the sous vide

#8 Cutting boards/tables 

Upping our cutting table game

cutting board moats

Nostalgic memories of butcher blocks

#9 enamel coated dutch oven

cast iron dutch ovens – pros and cons

Seasoning Cast iron dutch ovens

HOT TIP: frying food in a dutch oven

#10 (from the Whole Fish Cookbook)fish spatula/shears/fish pliers/

#11 Meat Grinder 

goose sausage

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Music by Cam Pierce

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