Justin’s Interview on the Noob Spearo Podcast

Join Justin as he chats with Shrek on the Noob Spearo Podcast. 

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Justin Townsend joins me and shares 3 dynamite seafood recipes that are game changers! Justin hosts the Wild Fish and Game Podcast which is a food centric podcast where they talk about all aspects of hunting, fishing, and cooking of wild foods. Justin has been living in Key West, FL for the last 4 years and has taken up spearfishing in the last year. Justin made his way on spearfishing boats by applying his professionally trained fish chef skills, always helping out and bringing the stoke. Justin has been a hunter and angler since he was a child and has always enjoyed the outdoors. He was raised in Southeastern Oklahoma where hunting and fishing was used as a way to supplement home-grown and store-bought food so his values are very in-line what many of us Noobers hold dear.

Have a listen to this episode and try out one of the recipes he lays out!

Important Times

04:00 Justin Townsend Introduction and Background

11:00 Spearfishing in Key West, Florida

15:00 What are some of the easier fish to target spearfishing in Key West?

18:00 Spearfishing on Boats | Spearo Code

20:00 What kinds of meals do you produce after a full day spearfishing?

24:30 Veterans Vault: 3 Different Ways to Think About Preparing Fish | Fish Chef Skills

1. Seared Tuna Burger

2. Home-Made Seafood Stock

3. Wild Fish and Game Tinfoil Pack

42:40 What are your biggest struggles in spearfishing?

49:30 Have you had a Scary Situation out spearfishing?

56:13 Funny Story

59:00 Spearo Q&A

• Who has been the most influential person in your spearfishing? Justin Lee

• Who is the best person to go diving with and why? Dave

• Dream Species? Wahoo and MahiMahi

• What does the spearfishing experience mean to you? Getting out and adventuring chasing food

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