Podcast: Episode 314, Opportunistic Omnivores Eat Invasives

Join Justin as he chats with Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef, all about eating invasive species. They discuss catching, cooking, and consuming lionfish, iguanas, hogs, pythons, nutria, carp, snake head, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Scott Leysath – The Sporting Chef

Scott is the author of two cookbooks and he has been featured in numerous publications for his cooking and adventures. He is the host of The Sporting Chef and DEAD MEAT shows on Sportsman Channel.

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Show Links:

Watch Dead Meat on Sportsman Channel Online

Is Python Good Table Fare?


Coconut Mango Iguana Tacos

Wild Pig Tenderloin Pizza

Wild Hog Chili Verde

Pulled Hog Shoulder

Snakehead Ceviche

Show Notes:

Eating Possum

The L.L. Bean of Wild Game cooking

Scott’s unusual career path to becoming the Sporting Chef

catering for Ducks Unlimited

The best Wild Game Scott has eaten

Coyote Burgers

Eating Bear Liver – DON’T DO IT!

Mentally preparing for strange meals

Eating a machito

tasting so others don’t have to

Lion fish pizza

attracting Lion fish

Iguana Cook book

Shooting iguanas and filling up trucks

avoid the salmonella

Eating barracuda – it’s not taboo

coconut mango iguana taco

sugar cane feral hogs

treating and cooking wild game correctly

eat wild game – Be happy

eliminating preconceived notions about wild game

turkey tastes

Wild hog preparations – what to do

sows vs. boars

boars – chili verde and chile Colorado

cook thoroughly to avoid trichinosis

hunting feral hogs at night on golf carts on golf courses

Feeding people with feral hogs

finding, cleaning, and eating turtle

catching, killing, cooking Snakehead


python in the Everglades

Python meat – is it good?

asian carp – bow fishing on the illinois river, it’s not easy

grinding asian carp to make fish cakes

mudfish, softest fish ever, like fish pudding

bonefish fish cakes

go to sportingchef.com

shoot, catch, and kill any and all invasive species

share your meals with first responders

Photo by Sebastian Wallroth

Music by Cam Pierce

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