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If anyone knows Emily and Ryan from The Way We Hunt, Emily has an unhealthy obsession with pizza. But sometimes, it’s evil is used for good. And this was very good! It’s super easy and we just love the way a pellet grill makes the flavors pop even more. And it’s versatile! So add whatever other ingredients you want/need. Because, we know you NEED this pizza.

1 precooked pizza crust
1 tenderloin, diced
3 slices of bacon, sliced thin
1/4 onion, diced
1/4 green pepper, sliced
Garlic Basil Cold Smoked American Cheese, sliced thin (or another strong flavored cheese)
Great Value Pizza Sauce
Shredded Cheese, your choice
Dried Italian Herbs
Everglades Seasoning, original

-Cook your bacon in a pan, remove when done, leave the grease
-Sauté your onion, set aside
-Cook your tenderloin on high heat, quickly. Don’t overcook! I preseasoned with Everglades seasoning.
-Preheat your pellet smoker or oven to 450° or whatever temp your precooked crust calls for
-Spread your pizza sauce on the crust
-Add your sliced cheese, bacon, onion, tenderloin, bell pepper -Sprinkle more Everglades and Italian seasoning over the top -Place on grill and cook 8-12 min until the cheese is soft or melted and crust is crispy. -We then sprinkled some shredded cheese over the top and let it melt for about 60 seconds.

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The Way We Hunt

Ryan and Emily Long are Oklahoma residents that have hunted and fished all over. Their up and coming YouTube Page, “The Way We Hunt”, depicts a conglomerate of hunting, fishing, hunt training, product reviews, and wild game cooking. They are passionate about cooking with game they have harvested and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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