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The California Senator has officially withdrawn the bill that would ban bear hunting in the state of California. A representative from Sen. Weiner’s office told the Sacramento Bee, “With more pressing issues such as the pandemic underway, the senator felt “this isn’t the time to focus on this right now,”.

Just last week California Senator Scott Weiner introduced Senate Bill 252, “The Bear Protection Act”, which was supported heavily by the Humane Society of the United States. The act would ban hunting bears in California. Motivation behind the act was targeting bear hunting as “inhumane”.

The hunting community all over the United States was outraged and national outdoor organizations began to rally against the bill. Many of the organizations urged their members to reach out to California legislators to voice disapproval of the bill. A petition garnered over 20,000 signatures against the bill.

Hunters gathering in disapproval under their defense that the hunting of black bear has had no negative impact on the population in the state. This claim has been supported by California’s state wildlife agency which has documented a black bear population growth period over the last four years.  California closely regulates their bear season and closes statewide bear hunting if 1700 bears are harvested. Last year, on the season closing date, less than 1000 bears had been harvested.

This is a huge win for hunters in a state where hunting is not always thought of in a favorable manner by the general population. It also proves the power of the voice of the outdoor community and sets a positive tone for other states that are eying their own bear hunting seasons.

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Justin Townsend

Justin (Choctaw) is an avid hunter, angler, and chef whose passion for the outdoors lead him to create Harvesting Nature in 2011. He continues to hunt, fish, and cook all while sharing his experiences with others through film, podcasts, print, and with recipes. He also proudly serves in the United States Coast Guard.

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