Podcast: Episode 304, Mountain Men of Pennsylvania

Podcast Episode 304: Mountain Men of Pennsylvania

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Kory chats with his friends, Jeremy, Tony, and Tyler in Pennsylvania. They discuss all things flintlock hunting for whitetail, their favorite recipes and so much more!

Special Guests:

Jeremy Criswell, Tony Fanelli, and Tyler Richard

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Show Links:

West Virginia Mountaineer Heritage Season

PA first held the flintlock season in 1974

Black Powder

2Fg – Main Charge

3Fg – Main Charge

4Fg – Pan powder

Flintlocks vs. Caplocks

How a flintlock works

Why you don’t pack down your powder

Moisture is a flintlock’s enemy

What’s a cow’s knee

Man made vs. english flints

Know your equipment
The importance of a solid rest

Twist Rates

Patched Round Ball vs. sabots vs. maxiballs

Possibles bag

Traditional style possibles bag

Ball Starter

Powder Measurer

Speed Loader

Tool Kit

How to clean your flintlock


Country fried steak

Sharing the harvest

Venison roast with coffee

Canned Venison

Cheesy Venison Brat Stew

Caul Fat meatballs

Boudin deliciousness 

Smoked Canada goose 

Sous Vide fails

Killing small deer

Our first flintlock harvests

Music by Cam Pierce

About the Podcast:

We are hunters, anglers, writers, and sometimes chefs. Our passion for the outdoor lifestyle motivated the foundation of Harvesting Nature which serves as a media outlet built to inspire and educate the outdoor expert and novice alike. Our podcast focuses on the technical side of cooking wild fish and game while also incorporating adventures and lessons learned from our pursuit of wild meat. Join us on our journey of Harvesting Nature.

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