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Happy New from Harvesting Nature!

We hope that 2020 was filled with all the hunting and fishing adventures that you could pack in.

We are excited to announce that next week is beginning of season 3 of our newly rebranded Wild Fish and Game Podcast on all major podcast platforms.

In season 3, we will have more great conversations about all aspects of wild food. We are bringing in new guests, old friends, and traveling around to bring you the most entertaining and educating wild food experiences of 2021. We know you will enjoy the new Wild Fish and Game Podcast. Be sure to eat before you listen because you are sure to leave hungry!

In 2020, we released over 50 episodes of our Wild Fish and Game Podcast and our Adventures for Food Podcast.

If you have listened then please give us a review for our show. Let us know what we are going right and what you want to see discussed in 2021. We will be selecting 5 star, written reviews and reading them on our shows to give away hats to reviewers. It’s a new way we want to say thank you for following and reviewing.

If you haven’t listenten to all the episodes then you have time to listen and catch up before the new episode releases.

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We also added a great deal of awesome merch to our store in 2020. Check it out!

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