10 Last Minute Gifts for Hunters and Anglers


Christmas is just a day or two around the corner and hopefully your gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. If you are a last-minute shopper, like me, then you might be biting your nails trying to think of gifts for the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in your life. These gifts may not arrive before the big unwrapping, but you can at least let your special person know you were thinking about them despite shipping conundrums. I hand picked these gifts based on their successful use and performance in the field for me over the past year.  

1. First Lite Kiln Zip Off Long John

No one likes being cold while in the field. These long johns performed excellent under pressure back in October when we were chasing antelope in Wyoming. You don’t even have to take off your boots when easily taking these off and putting them back on. This quick action helps when nature calls or when you want to take them off when the temps begin to warm up midday. >>> Shop Now >>>

2. Harvesting Nature Camo Dad Hat

Our very own camouflage hat is a great gift under $30. The hat is unstructured, durable, and very comfortable. The message of “Eat More Wild Game,” is a straight forward message to those want to show their wild food pride. Remember, dad hats aren’t just for dads! >>> Shop Now >>>

3. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Membership

Do you part to help protect access to our nation’s public land system which is enjoyed by many hunters and anglers. When you purchase our annual membership as a gift, the gift recipient will receive a BHA logo sticker and our quarterly magazine, the Backcountry Journal, with BHA news, quality outdoor writing, and photos from our membership, for one year. >>> Shop Now >>>

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4. MeatEater Charismatic Megaspices

Recently, MeatEater partnered with Spiceology to recreate their classic megaspices. They also added some new blends to the list. Go with a tried and true classic like Mastodon Hunter Wild Game Rub or shake things up a bit with their new Mermaid’s Trident Seafood Blend. Whether cooking meat, veggies, or even desserts, these seven blends offer an opportunity to take any recipe over the top. >>> Shop Now >>>

5. Traeger Scout Pellet Grill

We have been loving the ability for the Traeger Scout to go on the road with us. We have taken it truck camping, out on the boat, and even used it while making pit stops for tacos. Featuring a Digital Pro Controller with an added meat probe to easily monitor your cooks, the Scout may be small in size, but can grill with the best of them. >>> Shop Now >>>

6. Allen Company Game Bags and Switchback Knife

This dynamic duo will let your hunter properly breakdown and pack out their meat from the field. The game bags performed top notch for us this year and are washable for multiple uses. The knife combines the precision of replaceable surgical cutting blades and a rugged full-functioning knife. The design of this knife allows for and easy replacement of blades to ensure your always have a sharp blade for all your field dressing and game care needs. >>> Shop Bags >>>    >>> Shop Knives >>>

7. Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler

This cooler is a really great multipurpose piece of gear and is perfect for a day off the road or on the water. As with all Yeti coolers, it has extreme insulation which means your ice will stay super icy. One extra feature we like is that the cooler is leakproof which means liquids will not leak out of the cooler. The ability to keep liquid in also means that this cooler has the ability to keep liquid out. Boom! This cooler is water proof, durable, and light weight which is what we look for in a backcountry camera and electronics bag. >>> Shop Now >>>

8. Harvesting Nature Eat Wild Game Cookbook

Eat Wild Game is the ultimate cookbook for those who wish to reconnect with their food in a delicious way. It was written with the hunter and home cook in mind. With meat harvested from across the North American wilderness, any hunter will appreciate the diversity of the recipes and the easy to follow instructions which allow anyone to prepare the perfect meal to honor their hunt. >>> Shop Now >>>

9. OnX Hunt App Subscription

I use OnX Hunt App on a daily basis whether I am on the water or in the field. It outlines public and private land boundaries while also acting a gps for offline use on your cellphone. I love the ability to share waypoints with friends while scouting or when I need help packing out game. Choose the one state premium to select a state map and get all features, including layers, property boundaries, points of interest, custom waypoints and more. >>> Shop Now >>>

10. Hunter Chef Cookbook Signed by Michael Hunter

Celebrating the resources of the wild, The Hunter Chef Cookbook features a collection of over 100 recipes and butchery guides, and stunning food and landscape photography. The book includes recipes for cooking big game, from moose and bison, to white tail deer and wild boar. Common small game features include wild turkey, duck, wild goose, ruffed grouse, as well as rabbit and squirrel. Fresh-water and salt-water fish recipes feature pickerel, wild salmon, rainbow trout, prawns, scallops, and more. A seasoned forager, Hunter offers an array of savory and sweet recipes, incorporating wild ingredients, everything from mushrooms and leeks to sumac and berries. >>> Shop Now >>>

Justin Townsend

Justin (Choctaw) is an avid hunter, angler, and chef whose passion for the outdoors lead him to create Harvesting Nature in 2011. He continues to hunt, fish, and cook all while sharing his experiences with others through film, podcasts, print, and with recipes. He also proudly serves in the United States Coast Guard.

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