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Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I traveled to Maverick County, Texas to cook for the guys at GK Paloma Ranch. I arrived at camp on Friday along with a nice cold front pushing through. Temperatures began dropping quickly, and sure enough, by Saturday evening the weather was just right for hot coffee, gumbo, chili, hot toddies and all things that warm us up on a cold day. It’s not always like this. In many cases, especially in the South, it’s too damn hot for a bowl of chili and hunters are wishing they had brought their camo swim trunks, but this time, the stars aligned in every way possible. 

Camp Hash was our final pre-hunt meal shared before one last hunt. Friday nights duck breast, a bit of leftover venison sausage from Saturday’s gumbo, and lastly backstrap and sweetmeat from Truett’s first bow harvest buck – added to roasted potatoes, and mixture of fresh peppers and onions topped with a fried egg or two.

All weekend long we enjoyed shared meals, campfires, and “after the hunt” stories in true deer camp fashion. The camaraderie and fellowship that exists in a setting such as this is one that I will forever be pursuing and sharing stories about. Camp Hash is the marrying of ingredients, memories and celebration. There’s no need to be exact, rather be intentional. As always, quality over quantity.

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Serving Size:

Time to make:
1 hour or so

Special Equipment:
Oven, Cast Iron Skillet

Venison backstrap, and/or tenderloin (leftover, or fresh) cut into chunks
Duck breast (leftover, or fresh) cut into chunks
Venison Sausage
6-7 potatoes (diced, oven roasted)
Rendered fat from duck breast
2 Tbsp whole Butter
1 Tbsp Ranch Dressing mix (dry)
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Cracked Pepper
1 – 2 tsp Kinder’s Rub (Seafood Blend)
1 Tsp minced garlic
1 red onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
¼ C Trappey’s Hot jalapenos (sliced)        
As many fried eggs as you see fit
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Shredded Sharp cheddar cheese

How to make it:
1. Dice venison, duck, and sausage. Set aside.
2. Rinse and drain diced potatoes, toss in ranch dressing mix, fresh herbs and lightly brush with oil.
3. Spread potatoes onto a sheet pan and roast at 400 degrees for approximately 40 minutes.
4. Sauté onions, peppers, and herbs in Cast Iron skillet on medium heat with ½ duck fat, and butter until almost translucent.
5. Add venison, duck breast, and sausage to sautéed peppers. Stir allowing the diced meats to get a nice sear on some sides. This may only take a few minutes.
6. Remove mixture from skillet, set aside.
7. In the same skillet add duck fat and potatoes, allowing the potatoes to crisp a bit in duck fat.
8. Add peppers and meat back into the skillet.
9. Top with shredded cheese, hot sauce, and a fried egg.

Tori Loomis

Chef Victoria "Tori" Loomis, honors the effort it takes to bring a meal from harvest to the plate, and that respect is evident in every meal she prepares. She has a deep-rooted appreciation for bringing people together, to gather, and to #EATGOODFOOD. Tori is passionate about telling authentic culinary stories through food. “Perspective is only as powerful as the ingredients we choose to lace within it. The same can be said for our food, our time, and our daily habits.”

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