Podcast: Episode 219, Ice Fishing in Pajamas

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Special Guest:

Barb Carey: Fishing Guide, President of Wisconsin Women Fish, , author, and outdoor educator.

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Wisconsin Women Fish

Northern Exposure: Fishing with the Women Ice Angler Project

Show Notes:

Squirrel Chili

Bear Steaks

Adventures for Food Podcast

Wisconsin Women Fish

Words of wisdom for introducing daughters, spouses, girlfriends into fishing

Using food as an introduction to fishing

Wisconsin Fishing Bucket List

Salmon and Walleye

Pike is great for eating

North Meets South: Pike Creole Recipe

Lake Sakakawea, ND: Freshwater Predators

Fish Tacos

Ice Fishing

Northern Exposure: Fishing with the Women Ice Angler Project

Fishing in the moment

Guiding and Personal Fishing

Virtual Fishing Event – Fish Camp

Broiled Walleye with a Pineapple Mustard Rub


Small Mouth Fish Tacos

Broiled Walleye with a Pineapple Mustard Rub

Trout in Parchment with Thai Basil

About the Podcast:

We are hunters, anglers, writers, and sometimes chefs. Our passion for the outdoor lifestyle motivated the foundation of Harvesting Nature which serves as a media outlet built to inspire and educate the outdoor expert and novice alike. Our podcast focuses on the technical side of cooking wild fish and game while also incorporating adventures and lessons learned from our pursuit of wild meat. Join us on our journey of Harvesting Nature.

About the Hosts:

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