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Bay Scallop Ceviche

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Ceviche is a great summer time lunch, especially when you are out on the boat. Camaraderie is a big part of scalloping for many people, so those boats are usually full of good friends. Combine that thought with the fact that the temperatures are usually warmer outside when scallop season begins and everyone is looking to cool down when they get out of the water. Ceviche’s versatility, ability to mix with many ingredients, and various preparation methods allow for endless creativity. The bulk of the ingredients can be prepared ahead of time to be ready for the first shucked scallops of the day. Once soaked, the whole dish should be ready by lunch in order to feed all those hungry folks.

If you are interested in learning more about scallops the check out my Florida Bay Scallops article by clicking here.

Serving Size: 4-6 servings

Time to make: prep time 15 minutes, wait time 2-3 hours

Also works with: Any saltwater fish


8oz fresh scallops chopped to equal size

4oz fresh squeezed lime juice

1oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

1oz fresh squeezed orange juice

1 large clove garlic

1/2 red onion finely diced

1 jalapeno (or other mild green chile)

1/2 hanabero, scotch bonnet (or similarily colored hot chile)

1 small roma tomato de-seeded and pulped, finely diced

2 Tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds, chopped

2 Tbsp chopped cilantro

salt, pepper, and citrus zest to taste

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How to make it

  1. Zest the fruit before juicing and reserve for garnish
  2. Juice the fruit into a medium sealable bowl.
  3. Add a touch of salt, as an abrasive, to your cutting board. Use the flattened blade of a knife to crush the garlic. Grind the garlic into the salt to form a paste.
  4. Add the garlic, half of the chopped onion, and scallops to the citrus juice and let sit. Stir occasionally every 2-3 hours.

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At forty years young, Adam has split his life almost equally between the Rocky Mountains, and the gulf coast. Cooking professionally from a young age, as well as having a deep relationship with nature set the pattern early for the adventures to come.

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