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Snakehead Ceviche

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From swamp to plate! When life gives you Snakeheads, make ceviche. Contributor Jon Peake shares this great recipe and short film to show you how to do just that.

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Serving Size      Time To Make

  4-6                        5 hours

Special Equipment 

Plywood Tailgate Cutting Board

Alternate Cuts

White Fleshed Fish


  • 2 lbs snakehead or similar fish fillets 
  • 1 cup Tomatoes 
  • 1 whole Serrano Chile (de-seeded)
  • ½ cup red onion
  • 5 fresh limes
  • 3 fresh lemons 
  • 1 tsp salt 
  • 1 tsp Everglades original seasoning

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First you will need to go catch some snakeheads, or know a friend that has some.

After you have acquired the snakeheads you will need to fillet and debone them and cut into bite-size pieces, set aside for later. Freeze the fish overnight. Freshwater fish can carry parasites if not cooked properly. The citrus will not kill them.

Next dice 1-cup of tomatoes and put in a glass bowl, then dice the Serrano Chile and remove the seeds and place the diced Chile into your glass bowl.

Now you will need to prepare your limes and lemons, to prep them roll them on a hard surface, it helps to get the juices flowing, now you will need to cut them in half and squeeze them into a strainer over your glass bowl (so the seeds will not be in your finished product).

Next let’s add some more flavor. Add 1tsp of salt and 1tsp of Everglades seasoning (trust me it’s good stuff) 

Once you have all ingredients in your glass bowl you will add the bite sized snakehead pieces that we set aside, go ahead and mix the bite-size pieces into the mixture thoroughly so the fish is immersed in the mixture.

Now cover tightly and place into the refrigerator.

Let stand in the refrigerator for 4 hours or until fish turns from opaque to white throughout.

That means it’s time to drain the juice from the bowl and enjoy!

Some serving methods include but not limited to , just eat it with a spoon or you can serve it with chips , it really does not matter it is guaranteed to be a hit.

Jon Peake

I was born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. My family moved to Southern Maryland when I was seven. Southern MD was where my parents instilled in me a love of the outdoors. Summers were spent fishing, crabbing and camping. Blue crabs, rockfish, perch, and croaker were always plentiful in my youth. Many summer days were spent out on the Patuxent River and its tributaries, casting rods and pulling trot lines. Winter time was spent hunting for food to fill the freezer. The winter menu in the Peake household consisted of White tail deer, ducks and geese.

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