Film: How to Make Alligator Sausage

Film/ Recipe contributed by The Way We Hunt

The Way We Hunt

Ryan and Emily Long are Oklahoma residents that have hunted and fished all over. Their up and coming YouTube Page, “The Way We Hunt”, depicts a conglomerate of hunting, fishing, hunt training, product reviews, and wild game cooking. They are passionate about cooking with game they have harvested and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Alligator Sausage:

This video is our take on Alligator Sausage. We combined some alligator we harvested in Florida with some wild hog we harvested in Texas and made an INCREDIBLE sausage! Ingredients are listed below! The best way we have found to cook it is on the grill/smoker or the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


2 lbs ground alligator meat

2 lbs pork/pork fat (or pork sausage)

1/4 cup celery

1/8 cup red bell pepper

1/4 cup onion




Everglades Seasoning or whatever seasoning you want

Hot sauce

Items Used

Everglades Seasoning

Vegetable Chopper

MEAT! Mixer

Sausage Casings

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