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Sea Bass Fajitas over Rice

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  • Sea Bass
  • Rub/Spice Blend (in this case, Mermaid’s Pantry Seafood Rub by MeatEater)
  • Bell Peppers
  • Green Onions 
  • Poblano Peppers
  • Jalapeño Peppers
  • Olive Oil 
  • Cooked White Rice

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  • Liberally coat your Sea Bass in your seafood rub of choice then place in a bowl and coat with olive oil.
  • Slice your peppers into long strips but keep your green onions whole.
  • In a bowl, combine veggies, fish and olive oil then evenly coat with seafood rub.
  • Cover a section of your grill in tinfoil to have a safe flat area to cook your fish (preferably on a top rack above the main burners).
  • Preheat your grill to 400 degrees.
  • Place your fish on the prepared tinfoil section and place veggies directly on the grill. 
  • Cook your fish to your desired temperature and doneness. Personally, I prefer my fish cooked to a medium. This is when the fish is firm, flaky and still has a translucent quality in the center.
  • Cook your veggies on high heat until they blister and form a slight char on the outside. 
  • Finish your fish and veggies with fresh lime juice before removing from the grill.
  • Prep your plate with a layer of cooked white rice then add your cooked veggies and fish. 
  • Pair with your beverage of choice. I went with a Harpoon’s “For the Frontline” Community Ale (Proceeds of this Ale will be donated to the Frontline workers during the pandemic). 

A note on grilling fish

When grilling fish you need to be gentle. Whole fish are more sturdy than skinned fillets but they all must be treated with care. No tongs or forks! A flat spatula is the instrument of choice here. Also, don’t monkey around with your fish while it’s grilling. Ultimately, it should be flipped only once, if at all, depending on the thickness of the fillet. 

Dan Renna

Dan lives his life with his wife on a small homestead in Western MA where he raises livestock, hunts, and farms to fill their pantries and freezer. He balances family, work, and life, but also maintains the connection to his food and its origins.

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