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Meatcrafter Knife Review

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The MeatCrafter knife, the best cooking, boning and processing knife you never knew you needed. When I first heard that MeatEater and Benchmade were collaborating on a knife I was excited. Once I heard that it was going to be a boning knife and not a field knife I was surprised and mildly confused. But why? We will spend far longer in the kitchen crafting out harvests than in the field gutting them. Why don’t we look at our processing knives the same way as our field knives?

            I have been a Benchmade die hard ever since I pulled the trigger on their Saddle Mountain Skinner 5 years ago. That knife is hands down the best field knife I have ever used. I run a small homestead and process not just wild game but livestock as well. In a normal year, I will fully process between 10 and 12 large mammals; a variety of lamb, pig, and deer as well as about 20-30 ducks, turkey, and chickens. Needless to say, I have used my fair share of knives, but once I started down the road with Benchmade I never turned back. With that field knife I can skin and breakdown whole animals into primals, popping joints and splitting sternums without ever touching a saw.

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            The MeatCrafter fills the same niche but on the finishing side by replacing the need to bounce between multiple knives to finish processing your harvest. A fine enough edge and point to do the intricate work but still has enough back bone to make long smooth cuts through muscle groups without waving and making uneven cuts.

            In this video, I do not just give the MeatCrafter a looking over, but I run it through its paces by breaking down a lamb hind-quarter fresh off my homestead and throwing together some farm fresh eats. In the end, this knife proves to be one of the nicest tools I have ever held. Aside from my wild game and livestock exploits, I am also an electrician and splicer by trade working with many types of cutting tools and knives over the years. When you hold a precision tool you know the difference and that is exactly what this is, a knife meant to be kept for a lifetime and longer, a prized possession to be handed down through generations just like Granddad’s field knife. Yes, this is an expensive knife but when you get your hands on it you will know where your money went. Personally, I am thrilled with my purchase. With this new addition to my kitchen arsenal, I look forward to prepping many meals for family and friends for years to come.

Dan Renna

Dan lives his life with his wife on a small homestead in Western MA where he raises livestock, hunts, and farms to fill their pantries and freezer. He balances family, work, and life, but also maintains the connection to his food and its origins.

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