Podcast, Episode 14, Hunting, Cooking, and Technology with Brad Luttrell of GoWild

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Special Guests

Brad Luttrell: Co-Founder & CEO, GoWild

Brad is a hunter, angler, father, husband, CEO, podcast host, and home cook. He is a man who wears many, many hats. His passion for the outdoors led him to co-create GoWild a couple of years ago. GoWild is the best social media app for hunting, fishing & the outdoors. period. It is the fastest growing social media and activity tracking platform for outdoors enthusiasts. Brad spends the majority of living the “start-up” life but still holds family and the outdoors dear to his heart. We were happy Brad could chat with us on this episode.

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Show Notes:

Restless Native Podcast

Organizing your Freezer

Freezing and Storing Wild Game How To

Pulled Meats

Cooking with a Thermometer

Brad’s Turkey Season

Archery Deer Hunting

Just Missing Deer

Sitting for Turkeys vs Running and Gunning

Kentucky Elk Drawing/Hunting

Go Wild App

Introducing Tech to the Outdoor World

Connecting Hunters to Hunters

Content Moderation on Social Media

The Best Audience for Hunters and Anglers

Gearbox: Products, Buildouts, and Sharable Kits

Contributions to Non-Profits

COVID effects on Outdoors and Homelife

Getting Kids into the Outdoors

Get Involved with GoWild


Pheasant Pho

About the Podcast:

We are hunters, anglers, writers, and sometimes chefs. Our passion for the outdoor lifestyle motivated the foundation of Harvesting Nature which serves as a media outlet built to inspire and educate the outdoor expert and novice alike. Our podcast focuses on the technical side of cooking wild fish and game while also incorporating adventures and lessons learned from our pursuit of wild meat. Join us on our journey of Harvesting Nature.

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