Podcast: Episode 10, Food Talk with Danielle Prewett of Wild + Whole and MeatEater

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Special Guests

Danielle Prewett, Wild + Whole and MeatEater

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Danielle Prewett is the founder of Wild + Whole and a wild foods contributing editor for MeatEater. Texas is home for Danielle, but her love for the outdoors developed while chasing birds across the grasslands of North Dakota. She has been living off the land for the last several years and is fascinated by the richness of wild game. Danielle strives to portray this beauty by teaching others how to cook and enjoy their harvest.

Show Notes

Pantry Essentials

Planting Gardens

Companion Planting


Leek Ramp Pesto


Pantry Essentials

Go to Oils

Dried Ingredients

Pantry Randoms

Cooking without Recipes

Writing Recipes

Fat and Acidity


Root Vegetables

Turkey Hunting

Travel Restrictions

Working from Home

Turkey Recipes

Sous Vide

Brining Turkey

Key West Pink Shrimps

Hunting and Eating Iguanas

Lobstering and Crabbing

Fly Fishing for Redfish

Catch and Release vs Catch and Eat

Eating Redifish on the Halfshell


Click the link to get the recipe

Grilled Redfish on the Halfshell

Coconut Mango Iguana Tacos

Venison Tongue Tacos

 About the Podcast:

We are hunters, anglers, writers, and sometimes chefs. Our passion for the outdoor lifestyle motivated the foundation of Harvesting Nature which serves as a media outlet built to inspire and educate the outdoor expert and novice alike. Our podcast focuses on the technical side of cooking wild fish and game while also incorporating adventures and lessons learned from our pursuit of wild meat. Join us on our journey of Harvesting Nature.

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