Podcast: Episode 6, Catching, Cleaning, and Cooking Fish, Lobster, and other Water Dwellers

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Special Guests

Collin Gruin – Harvesting Nature Field Staff

Show Notes

Catch and release

Catch and eat

Fishing for enjoyment

Trophy fishing

Fishing for the experience


Spinning vs fly fishing

Cutthroat trout

Saltwater fly fishing

Mark Kenyon’s new book

Bow fishing for carp

Ice fishing

Does the ice break?

Traditional vs electric fillet knives

Is saltwater fishing intimidating for beginners?

Starting with local guides

Spear fishing is hunting under the water

Freshwater spear fishing

Do you eat fish after bow fishing?

Catching, Cleaning, Eating Lion Fish

Lion fish Pizza

Lobstering in the Florida Keys

How to lobster

Spiny lobster meat vs Maine Lobster meat

Cleaning lobster properly


Click the link to get the recipe

Grilled Caribbean Snapper with Couscous and Grilled Vegetables

Firing Lime Chipotle Smoked Steelhead

Coconut Lobster Mac and Cheese

Broiled Walleye with a Pineapple Mustard Rub

Walleye Tacos with Avocado Honey Sauce

Roasted Tuna Head Ramen Noodle Soup

About the Podcast:

We are hunters, anglers, writers, and sometimes chefs. Our passion for the outdoor lifestyle motivated the foundation of Harvesting Nature which serves as a media outlet built to inspire and educate the outdoor expert and novice alike. Our podcast focuses on the technical side of cooking wild fish and game while also incorporating adventures and lessons learned from our pursuit of wild meat. Join us on our journey of Harvesting Nature.

About the Hosts:

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